The Law/George Family

The Law/George Family

Friday, August 7, 2009

Maggie is out of surgery

Maggie is out of surgery after 5+ hours. Dr. Kuang did the full upper lip and the rhinoplasty. She doesn't look like our little Maggie any more. She has a full upper lip, connected to her new nose, absolutely, totally, completely unbelievable!!!!!!! She has breathing tubes in her nose to keep the air way open, her lips are a bit puckered shut from swelling, and her pain seems to be under control. I am not sure when the numbing agent wears off. They just gave her more morphine. She shook her head yes when I asked if I could give her a kiss on her forehead and a little, teeny tiny tear leaked out of the corner of her eye. Right now, she is snuggled in mommy's lap, looking around and quiet. The arm splints are on, but I don't think she realizes it.

Yesterday, the social worker said it would be perfectly normal us to grieve a bit for the way our daughter used to look. I've been having a hard time with this and I feel better knowing most parents do feel that way and miss the way their child used to look. Intellectually, we know this is of course the best thing for her, but we loved the way she used to smile and express herself with her facial expressions. I hope that she will continue to have a huge, ear to ear grin with her new upper lip. I understand it can take a while before the first smile happens again, and that will be a happy day!

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