The Law/George Family

The Law/George Family

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home Again

Maggie was released today. No more IV's or oxygen monitors. She and Cathy had a less than restful night, with the nurse coming in every two hours or less. Maggie doesn't want anyone touching her but us, or she made a LOT of noise whenever a nurse approached. Now that we are home, we have to clean her incisions 5 times/day with hydrogen peroxide and then apply Bacitracin ointment. I have to hold her head still while she screams very LOUDLY, kicks and squirms and Mommy cleans up the dried blood. It is important that it doesn't scab over to minimize scarring. Today she could have clear fluids and now that we are home, ice cream. She gets ice cream after each lip cleaning. Tomorrow she can start eating soft foods like scramble eggs and rice cereal. A pleasant surprise so far is that she is the only one in our family who doesn't vomit after surgery or from pain meds. Yahoo to that!

Below are some photos from the last 48 hours.

She liked her cool new bed - the night before the surgery. I miss that smile, but look forward to her new smile.

Holding Sebbie's hand for his blood pressure.

Then it was her turn. The next morning, Maggie refused to put on that silly hospital gown, until Sebbie put one on too. He even wore it to the holding room, where we said good bye.

The red glowing finger from the oxygen monitor was kind of cool.

First snuggles with mommy and a slight thumbs up!

So very tired!

Snuggling on the couch at home with Sebbie. Down but not out. We asked her if she was glad to be home and the little thumb popped up. Last night, when she had some ice cream, she kept popping up her little thumb in approval. She still couldn't talk, but could express her approval with that thumb.

After her shower tonight, we held her in front of the mirror, telling her that she was still very beautiful, and then showed her how she will now be able to pucker up and kiss us and also whistle like her big brother. She looked at herself in the mirror and cracked the faintest, tiny
smile with her new lip. Maggie looked happy!


Brian Felder said...

Maggie is a completely adorable little girl. Congratulations on a successful first surgery!

Madeline and Amelia said...

We got home from our reunion this weekend and checked the blog right away. So glad the surgery was successful and they were able to close her lip on the first try. She looks fabulous!! But like you, we will miss her humongous smile.


Laura, Ken, Madeline and Amelia

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure I wanted to check out the post-surgery pictures, but I'm very glad I did. I had flash backs to to the time we had to have caps put on Kate's front teeth - and the anxiety of the surgery, the aweful way she came out of the anesthesia, and Kate hitting her mouth because it felt funny.

I love that Maggie can show her approval with the thumbs-up, and that she seems to like her new lip. And it's wonderful that Sebbie was so supportive too. You guys rock!

- Sara Lovtang

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Just caught up with your blog and am so glad things went well with Maggie's surgery. It was very touching to read these posts. The little "thumbs up" got me all teary-eyed. Hope recovery continues to go well.