The Law/George Family

The Law/George Family

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Last Two Months

Hello! It has been a busy couple of months and adding to the blog always seemed to get pushed to the back burner. So we'll try to catch you up with some fun photos and a video!

Maggie is scheduled for her first surgery on Friday, August 7th. We will check into Shriner's Hospital in Portland on the 6th and will be staying until at least the 8th, probably the 9th. I will stay with her in the hospital and Steve and Sebbie will sleep at Susie and Eric's house (my sister and brother-in-law) and join us during the day.

Her first surgery will likely be to create a lip and put in ear tubes. If the protruding front part with the two teeth obstructs this process, the surgeon may instead work on moving that back instead of the lip, but she won't know until she starts. The really fun part is going to be the three weeks of arm restraints that she will wear after the surgery. Yikes!

We'll post updated info on how the surgery went as soon as we can. Meanwhile, please think of us. It is going to be a long haul, but it will be good to get started with the first one!

Lots of love, Cathy, Steve, Sebbie, and Maggie

Trying on Gege's robe

A little sibling snuggle time

Belated Mother's Day at home

The cat bed is comfy!

In our park across the street

Sebbie as catcher (his favorite position)

Last day of 1st grade

Reading with Gammy and Poppers during their visit

Sebbie's 7th birthday party at Osborn Aquatic Center

Maggie LOVES to swim!!!!!

At the Spaghetti Factory

Hangin' in the hot tub during Grandma and Grandpa's visit

First trip to the tea house with Mommy

Going to get Sebbie's new kitten "Tiger" at the Animal Shelter

Pictures of Maggie's first camping trip with Baba!

First time on the beach--not too sure at first

Then, she warmed up!