The Law/George Family

The Law/George Family

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weeks 3, 4, & 5

Over the last couple of weeks some unexpected things have needed our attention, so our blog is a few weeks behind. A major highlight was a trip to California to see Gammy and Poppers. There has also been more gymnastics, swimming, and baseball games. With the weather getting nicer we are spending more and more time outside and Steve spent some time today working hard to get our yard family-ready for the summer. Some photos and videos are below!

Lots of big bear hugs around our house these days.

On our way to visit Gammy and Poppers.

At cousin Rob's Little League Game.

At Gammy and Poppers' we had a chance to visit with very dear friends....

Have a parade...

Have time for silliness...

Learn about big kisses from Poppers...
Have time for more silliness...

And, of course, enjoy some yummy food!